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How Does 24-Hour Home Care Work When Your Dad Lives With You?

How Does 24-Hour Home Care Work When Your Dad Lives With You?

24-Hour Home Care in Indianapolis IN
24-Hour Home Care in Indianapolis IN

One mistake family caregivers often make is thinking that they can’t have a caregiver help out when their parent lives with them. You’ll find 24-hour home care services are especially helpful when your dad lives with you. But, how does it work? Wouldn’t it infringe on your privacy?

What Is Your Living Arrangement?

When family members move a parent in with them, they usually convert an area of the home into an in-law apartment. This arrangement makes it possible for everyone to have some privacy while being under the same roof.

In this case, the caregivers providing 24-hour care will come and go without impacting your privacy. But, you might have your dad in a spare bedroom in your home. Will that impact privacy?

Remember that the caregivers are there to help your dad. They’re not there to get in your way or infringe on your privacy. You do need to give the caregivers room to work, however, and you can’t interfere. Let them do their job.

What Can 24-Hour Home Care Aides Help With?

What will 24-hour home care aides do for your dad? First, they are on duty throughout the day and night. If your dad has been waking you up in the middle of the night seeking a meal or snack, those days are over.

Have caregivers tend to his needs during the night. You get the right amount of sleep to properly function each day. You’ll be able to focus on your job, your children, and your personal life. You also can spend time with your dad when you want.

The 24-hour home care aides are not there to do your chores, however. You can’t ask them to do your laundry, dirty dishes, or cook your meals. The caregivers are not there to drive your children to school. Remember that they’re there to help your dad with personal care and companion care needs.

Avoid conflict by having a clear list of tasks your dad needs and what you and your children are responsible for. Note what you will do, such as be the one to drive him to his doctor’s appointments, and what the caregivers need to do. Don’t ask them to take on chores that are on your list unless it’s directly related to your dad’s care and they approve it.

Partner With 24-Hour Home Care Aides

Don’t let your dad’s care interfere with your job, your children’s needs, and your personal life. If you push your need to socialize, work, and take care of your family aside, you can impact relationships and your self-care needs.

With 24-hour home care aides, you’re able to support your dad when the time is right, but you’re not giving up the rest of your daily routine. Call a home care agency to learn more.

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