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4 Ways 24-Hour Home Care Helps Family Caregivers and Seniors

24-Hour Home Care in Fortville IN
24-Hour Home Care in Fortville IN

When your mom’s health changes and reaches a point that she needs 24-hour care, what are your options? It may feel impossible to get the help your mom needs, especially when you’re the only one helping her out. Have you looked at the benefits of 24-hour home care for your senior parent?

She’s Never Alone Unless She Wants to Be

Your mom doesn’t have to be alone. If she has a chronic condition like dementia that requires her to have help with transfers, she doesn’t have to worry about waking up at night and struggling to get to the bathroom independently.

Your mom could have cancer and need someone with her 24/7 if she’s dizzy or so nauseous that she can’t move safely without help. Around-the-clock caregivers work in teams to make sure your mom isn’t alone throughout the day and night.

She Never Misses a Dose of Her Prescription Medications

Some medications have to be taken at specific intervals. If that’s the case, you may worry about your mom missing a dose. If that happens, would she try to double up? That can be dangerous.

If she has caregivers around all day and night, she has someone to remind her when it’s time to take each dose. It prevents her from taking too much or too little of a medication that is keeping her as healthy as possible.

You Aren’t Always On Duty

You’re the primary caregiver for your mom. She has Alzheimer’s and is prone to wandering. When you’re trying to sleep, she’ll wake up and try to get outside. Nights of waking in the middle of the night to door or window alarms are causing exhaustion. You can’t focus, and it’s dangerous to drive when you’re tired.

With caregivers working in shifts throughout the night, you don’t have to worry about getting up and redirecting her. You can sleep through while caregivers redirect her.

You Have Peace of Mind

You might live on the other side of the country and worry about your mom being alone. As her health changes, you’d be happier knowing someone is always in her house and ready to help.

With 24/7 caregivers, she has someone to help out as needed. She’s still independent at home, but she’s with people who care for her well-being. That gives you peace of mind.

How Do You Get the Help You Need?

Schedule 24-hour home care services easily by making a phone call. Talk to an expert in home care about your mom’s care needs. Once a care plan is developed, 24-hour home care aides are scheduled when your family needs services.


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